Since our formation in 2007, en:mapping has worked on more than 1,100 projects across all of England, Wales, Scotland, South Africa and British Overseas Territories.

We make the most of your data no matter what stage we are brought on board, from data capture and reporting on sites less than 1ha, up to large scale infrastructure projects covering 1,000s of hectares, and multi-site projects such as national inventories and asset databases.


2017 : Review - Our 10-year anniversary!

en:mapping has been really busy over the last 10 years and have been involved in a huge range of interesting high-profile projects across the UK and further afield.

In 2017 we worked on 172 projects over 292 sites, and mapped:

- 14,900.7ha of terrestrial habitat

- 38,088 birds

- 17,311 bats

- 2,000+ target notes

- 20+ EPS licences covering GCN, Bats and Bagders

- Countless Dormouse tubes

It has been good to see renewables reappearing and en:mapping was pleased to have worked on Solar, Wind and Hydro schemes across the UK.



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