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Bird Surveys, Vantage Points and CRM

We deal with all aspects of Ornithological investigation and reporting, providing services from conception to reporting, and we provide support for environmental impact assessment and/or collision risk modelling.


Projects include territory analysis, collision risk assessment, the impacts of hedgerow removal, and opportunity mapping for population expansion.

Typical services include:

  • Assistance in field map creation for a survey programme, including sourcing underlying OS data and aerial imagery

  • Viewshed analysis to confirm the suitability of vantage point locations

  • Mapping of breeding bird survey, winter and passage bird survey data

  • Production of territory maps, derived from bird surveys - including Black Grouse Leks

  • Wider landscape surveys of raptor nest sites and territories

  • Data collation for collision risk assessments for windfarm developments

  • Collision risk modelling



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