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Protected Species Mapping

Image by Vikram Nair

As well as broader habitat mapping we offer protected species mapping, providing baseline maps of known protected species distributions from biological record centres, combined with data collected by ecologists as part of a site investigation. We deal with all mapping aspects associated with European Protected Species and subsequent licence applications.

As part of the protected species mapping service, we:

  • Source the appropriate map data, which within the UK is 1:10,000/VectorMap Local Ordnance Survey maps

  • Provide field recording sheets for fieldworkers to draw habitat boundaries and additional notes

  • Digitise completed survey maps and attach attribute information

  • Transfer any GPS gathered data into GIS

  • Extract descriptive information on the protected species, such as proximity to a site and areas likely to require mitigation

  • Produce high quality digital output for technical reports for your client

  • Provide the GIS data, with associated Metadata if necessary

As well as mapping protected species data recorded in the field, we also work alongside ecologists to write licences for protected species, providing supporting information for submission to Natural England, Scottish Natural Heritage or Natural Resources Wales.


We design a bespoke service for clients who require only partial aspects of the service.

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